Berry Love Trifle. Dessert BLT.

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Trifles are a staple summertime dessert. They’re sooooo good and so un-nutritious. Yep, made that word up. You love it. You’ll also love- this healthy version of layered goodness. It’s gluten/wheat free and replaces sugary messes with more beneficial messes.

You’re going to need to make BAM muffins in a cake form first. But this recipe’s super easy. That’s how I roll.


First: You’ll need to make BAM muffins.  Instead of making them into muffins, pour the entire bowl of batter into a long tray and bake until a toothpick comes out relatively clean. Then break it all up into chunky crumbles with a fork. **See the following photos.**

Don’t tell anyone I said this but, if you’re short on time, you can just buy whatever wheat-free pre-made baked good you can find in the store… although spoiler alert: gluten-free processed food doesn’t mean it’s low-calorie or healthy; such goods often have other ingredients that are pretty caloric as well, such as brown rice syrup.

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Ok now we begin:

What You Need: 

– The BAM recipe that you just made  above.

– 1 large size carton of plain or vanilla greek yogurt. I used Fage.

– 1/2 cup black chia seeds

– 1 large carton of strawberries (sliced lengthwise)

– 1-2 cartons of raspberries (cut in half)

– 1 bag of chopped walnuts

– 1 bag of shredded coconut (I prefer the unsweetened, but you could use the sweetened ones as well)

– About 1/3 cup of honey (You can just drizzle it out of the jar- you don’t have to measure this out)

What To Do:

1. Begin with a layer of the BAM cake. Just enough to fully cover the bottom of the bowl. Around a 3/4” layer.

2. Then layer the yogurt, chia seeds, fruits, walnuts, and shredded coconut. In that order.

3. Drizzle with honey and repeat until the bowl is filled!

You can eat it right away or chill it in the fridge until you’re ready to eat it.

You can make this trifle two ways- one in individual mini glass cup servings

photo 5

…or two in a giant bowl (I lost my trifle bowl…alas this bowl- still awesome)

photo 2

Side shot of my makeshift trifle bowl that will now become a huge trend. Officially. I added more coconut and honey on top of this one, because I love coconut and honey everything.

photo 1_3


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