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A little info on me. I’m a certified holistic nutritionist. I’ve always cooked. However, I DSC_2168used to teach in a Title One school in North Carolina. While I loved the kids, the stress of teaching made me eat poorly. While I was in my last year of teaching, my Dad had his first heart attack. That’s when I started making and re-inventing healthy recipes a priority as heart disease and diabetes (the kind brought on by food) run in our family.

This January, my Dad passed away suddenly from a heart attack after his daily Crossfit workout. As much as he worked out, he wasn’t careful about what he ate (I mean, when you have a stent, it’s probably not a good idea to be eating Italian sausages). Since he passed, I became certified as a holistic nutritionist so I can truly people re-shape how they eat so they can live long and healthy lives as a result.

photo 2                             (This was the last picture we took together)

These recipes use healthy alternatives in place of the not-so-good-for-you ingredients. These replacements maintain your glucose levels, so your sugar doesn’t spike and your cholesterol doesn’t skyrocket, therefore you stay lean and you stay healthy. By changing the way we eat, we can maintain a health lifestyle that isn’t dictated by following specific diet plans or counting calories.

Now let’s cook something

(My dog approves).

Dakota Loves Pumpkin



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