Almond Golden Milk

The most beneficial warm fall drink you can ever have.


Pumpkin Skinny Spice Latte (Iced and Hot)

Pumpkin Coffee Time. It’s fall and that means one thing… PUMPKIN time. Which means PUMPKIN COFFEEEEEEEEE. My favorite kind of coffee. Literally. It’s a problem. I seriously have to watch myself in the fall, because pumpkin drinks are everywhere and they are usually around 300-600 calories each. Truth.   My all time favorite place is Dunkin Donuts. The pumpkin coffee there only has…


As my friend Jack Johnson sings about making banana pancakes and pretending like it’s the weekend, … break it down, paleo style- Ingredients: 1 mushed ripe banana 1 egg white 1/3 cup almond flour 1/2 cup blueberries 1 tbsp vanilla protein drink (or almond milk will work great as well)  What To Do: 1. Beat mashed banana with…