I recently found out I have a wheat intolerance. I know, I know, EVERYONE is gluten-free or wheat-free or whatever it may be. When the doctor told me I have an intolerance to wheat, I have to admit I was in a little bit of denial, because I have been walking around saying this whole gluten-free thing is just the latest nutrition fad.

Can't jumprope, but can jump!

It very well may be, however, upon speaking with my doctor and doing further research, I found out that these types of allergies are on the rise because wheat has been genetically modified in order for it to be grown in mass quantities that are resistant to droughts and bugs.  Fortunately, removing wheat from my diet, goes right along with going ‘paleo.’

Our local Crossfit is having a Nutrition Challenge generally using paleo guidelines. For those of you who don’t know, paleo food includes mainly vegetables, meat, fish, and some fruit and nuts,  and avoids grains, legumes (ex. peanuts and beans), refined sugars, or dairy. It can be pretty daunting to think about eliminating all of this items from your diet, however you can actually make some really delicious paleo meals.

I believe you should be able to read and understand every ingredient listed on your food. Even ‘healthy’ processed food can have an incredible amount of unreadable ingredients (even at natural food stores)! If you’re a visual person like myself, imagine it this way- the majority of the  items you’ll need for these recipes will be in the outer perimeter of the grocery store; you should rarely need anything in the middle aisles.

As for my recipes, I stick to the general idea of using these natural whole foods. And since I can jump but not jumprope (double under or even single under for that matter, let’s be real here). I’ll start with paleo food. In this section, you’ll find some easy healthy recipes that I believe would be crossfit-approved : )

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